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Employee and job site safety is important to everyone.

Diversified Lifting Systems offers a variety of customized, on-site training and certifications in general job site safety, as well as crane rigging and signaling that meet OSHA’s Crane and Derricks standards (1926.1400 subpart CC). Diversified Lifting Systems can also perform OSHA-compliant rigging inspection, testing and certification

Certified Inspections/Testing

  1. OSHA Compliant
  2. On-site Inspections of Rigging and Rigging Hardware
  3. Testing and Certifications
    1. Up to 200-ton testing certification
    2. Test bed services
  4. Manual Hoist Repair and Testing
  5. Other Repair Services Available
  6. Accident Investigations
    1. Diagnosis and cause of failure
    2. Recommendations and solutions
    3. Written reports

Certified Rigger Training

Classroom topics include:

  1. Slings
    1. How slings are made and how they work
    2. Sling types
    3. Load ratings
    4. Proper usage and maintenance of rigging and rigging hardware
  2. OSHA, ASME Standards
    1. Inspection criteria
    2. Removal criteria
    3. Examples of damaged equipment/rigging
  3. Safe Operational Procedures and Lift Plans
    1. Weight calculations
    2. Rigging to the center of gravity
    3. How to calculate tensions
    4. Capacity charts
    5. Critical lift plan requirements
  4. Materials and Testing
    1. Safety booklets
    2. Rigging and capacity charts
    3. Rigging inspection forms
    4. Certification requires a score of 80% or above on a written test administered by the course instructor.

Certified Crane Signal Training

Classroom topics include:

  1. OSHA Standards
    1. Signaler qualifications
    2. Hand , audible and voice signals
    3. Direction perspective
    4. Working load limits, load radius, and power line clearance
    5. Dedicated spotter requirements
    6. Lift plans and critical lift plans
  2. Crane Dynamics and Operations
    1. Configuring a crane
    2. Center of rotation
    3. Boom deflection and angles
    4. Load deductions
    5. Crane stability
    6. Leveling the crane
    7. Swinging and stopping a load
    8. Winch data and load line capacity charts
  3. Materials and Testing
    1. Hand signal booklets
    2. Rigging and capacity charts
    3. Certification requires a score of 85% or above on a written test and passing grade on a performance/practical test administered by the course instructor

Diversified Lifting Systems manufactures wire rope slings and rigging equipment, serving clients in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Clearwater, Orlando, Fort Myers, St. Pete, Bradenton and in locations across the world.

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